Daniel Milessi

DanielMilessi esDaniel Milessi is working as a graphic designer and began in 2003 to experiment with Net.arte and with video art, participating and exhibiting in Asuncion at the IV Hall Of Young Art Nation, Videotrama and Asuanima. In 2005, he wins the Mattise award in Asunción and sets up exhibitions for Arte BA (2006) and Glare (2007) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also, in The Bolivarian Dream in Santiago de Chile (2006).

He is part of the first junior Latin American video art cycle in Valencia (2006) and in Ahecha (2007) in Barcelona, Spain. During 2006, he worked as a resident in Fontenay-le-Comte in France with the Exhibition " Et/Ou "as a result with three other French artists. Collectively, also exhibited in the 8th Mercosur Biennial in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2011). Currently working almost exclusively on art

and exposing sporadically and individually in Asuncion with the theme of Paraguayan dissociated identity and history. Also develops projects for artists in residence in Paraguay and abroad.


Daniel Milessi 01"Yasururu Sororo is an imaginary encyclopedia of Paraguayan history in video game format. Legend tells that a young shaman Chamacoco, confused by his lack of identity, research on the history of the land of his birth. By games of invasions builds a story that could be understood by his environment. A history of invasions, a story taken as a game, a game where no one can win".

Daniel Milessi



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