Diana Rossi

Diana-RossiBorn in Asunción in 1980, studied painting, sculpture, drawing and restoration, with his mother the artist Rossi Schubert, Graduate School of Fine Arts. At 9 years old gets her first prize in painting. His technical training workshops complements Art in Germany (Baden-Baden, Karlsrhue) and France (Strasbourg).

Degree in mathematics and is currently doing a Master in Education Sciences, National University of Asuncion. In her children's school teaches drawing, painting and sculpture with the method of free expression. Study Aesthetics and History of Art Criticism at the School of Fine Arts MEC (Ministry of Education) With its 32 years old, is one of the best known artists emerging from our midst.


"Diana Rossi, was inspired, this time, by a prehistoric fossil, found recently in Paraguay. This is an installation that represents the anteater (yurumi) totemic animal of the tribe Ache-Guayaki of Paraguay. For Indians this mammal is considered genitor, sacred ancestor and icon of the ancient inhabitants of this land.

Diana Rossi 01It is made on the basis of "object-trouvé " such as bones, henhouse wires, discarded leather, Coke bottles, etc. The work also recalls the genocide committed against these tribe in 1973, during the dictatorship and conducted by landless peasants and soldiers. The survivors were interned in a kind of concentration camp run by Christian missionaries. The children of the massacred were sold as slaves. The idea of Diana is to pay tribute to the memory of the disappeared".

Osvaldo González Real

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