Félix Toranzos

Felix ToranzosBorn in Asuncion, Paraguay in 1962. Visual artist, architect, graphic designer and set designer. He studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture of the National University of Asunción respectively. He taught Drawing and Painting at the Workshops for the Visual Arts Center.

His work is part of the permanent Collection of Paraguayan Contemporary Art Museum of The Visual Arts Center "Museo del Barro / Isla de Francia". Also his work integrates the collection of the Art Museum of the Americas Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, USA. Awarded with the prize "Pedro Aguero" in the version 1998 for his Lifetime Achievement.

First prize at the competition EXPRESSION organized by Fuschia in 2003. He participated in various art biennials, such as: the 9th. International Drawing Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art of Rijeka, former Yugoslavia; 1st. Latin American Biennial of Art on Paper, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 19th. International Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil; 5th. Portrait Biennial, Tuzla, ex-Yugoslavia; 1st. Biennial of Youth Art, Buenos Aires.

Argentina; International Fairs in Lima, Peru; 1st. Mercosur Biennale in Porto Alegre, Brazil; II And IV Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador. He is currently Co-President of Artists Association "Gente de Arte" and Director of the Museum of Paraguayan Contemporary Art at the Visual Arts Center / Museo del Barro.

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"The Palace of the Winds (a wandering museum). A marble octagonal tower, located in the Roman agora in Athens, is a "Horologion" or a clock. Its builder was Andronicus of Cirrus of century I bC. All exterior walls are with low reliefs depicting images of the winds, the four main ones (north, south, east and west) and the four secondary ones (North East, North West, South-east and South-west). A wandering museum, with an octagonal tower also with a form of a dome, the National Art Museum of Paraguay.

No space by its own, containing a portion of its collection, under a specific curatorial line, in a building (Villa) of the late nineteenth century. These two circumstances, makes me build this story "The Palace of the Winds", or Wandering Museum. This work develops integrating a construction project of panels (plates) printed with graphics, obtained from the tower of the winds (measured and delineated by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett, painters and architects. London 1759). Their reliefs, architectural details, its solar diagrams, their destination, combined with graphic images of the architectural details of an old villa, from the late nineteenth century. Relevant architectural style of the time.

Currently a museum with a collection of paintings in search of their own destiny, their silence. A silence that characterizes the two architectural elements, a tower that speaks of the winds, in anger and in fury and then lost in the nothingness, in the silence. A villa, a museum with works surrounded by the stillness of a temporary space. Works that are seeking the eternal silence, after the fleeting glance of the observer, at a wandering moment in search of times and winds. "

Félix Toranzos



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