Pedro Barrail

Pedro BarrailArchitect, designer, and artist, born in Asunción, Paraguay the 13th of August of 1964. Lives and works in Asunción, Paraguay. Participated in Biennales, individual and group exhibits in Paraguay, United States, South Africa, Spain, France, Argentina, Cuba, England, Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil related to design, photography, architecture, and art.

His work has been published and mentioned in books, catalogs, magazines, periodicals, and blogs internationally such as ARTNEXUS, WALLPAPER. Financial Times, The New York Times, ArchDaily, among others. Since 2008 is represented by the internationally respected gallery Cristina Grajales Inc. from New York, USA. with whom has exhibited worldwide (Design Art London, Design Miami/Basel, The Armory Show.


 Pedro-Barrail 01"In Venice, inside Palazzo Carmitani, you will find Paraguay gestating inside a great room. Inside that room, facing the canal, there is a wall. The wall is veiled, covered with its own image; a photograph of the wall and the space that contains it, printed in a vast and vain canvas, erases the present to negate the future. In the center of the narcissistic photo there is a red dot; "YOU ARE NOT HERE" it tells us. Like the directions we seek in maps of cities, shopping malls, amusement parks, or museums to find our whereabouts and keep lost. So grab you red lifesaver and head for redemption. There is a "LANDSCAPE WITH NO EXIT" tells us the Spanish-Paraguayan poet Josefina Plá in her brilliant writings; the landscape is contained in this great room, defied by its walls. And the red dot is your "VIEW OF POINT" that will guide you to the portal to nothingness".

Pedro Barrail Fotógrafos




Pedro-Barrail 02To the landscapes I've ever met
ownerless landscapes from photographs
I arrived like I was born
Nobody brought me here and I do not know where I am going
But my feet walks secure and necessary
I Do not know from what I run or where
there is my refuge
Only the landscape that is born before me to a measure
That my way makes it accurate
like the voice when define the scream
It is constructed in front of me
For Me now easy already enemy
neutral landscape forever
colorless and rumor without light and depth
as powder designed landscape
A landscape that is born, grows and dies as the hour
voiceless and without sight
but able to devour me
to bury me alive
Because I know well that this landscape has not
An exit
if however a false door that opened
an awakening



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Palazzo Carminati, Santa Croce 1882, Venice 30135
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